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Viridian Solar Clearline Komplett Schwarz 300wp


High-quality roof-mounted solar panels

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Viridian Solar solar panel 300Wp All Black

This solar panel from Viridian Solar contains 300 Watt peak and an efficiency power of 19.2%. This achieves the highest possible energy yield. The system has excellent highest fire rating and wind resistance. This without any adjustments to the roof.


The solar panels are easy to install by using the mounting system of Viridian Solar, which ensures a safe and efficient way of installing in-roof solar panels.

Viridian solar’s system ensures that the panels are recessed in the roof, so that the panels form a whole with the roof. The system provides shorter installation time, the panels are easy to install in less than an hour per Kwp with this system

Properties and uniqueness

Viridian Solar solar panel system is applicable to the widest range of roof coverings.It can be easily installed by a contractor or roofer, due to the unique but simple mounting system. The installer also takes care of the connection and the operation of the installation.

Why Viridian Solar?

Viridian Solar is economical, the price-quality ratio is excellent and the products can be compared with A + brands. It is a compact system and includes invisible clamps for a beautiful aesthetic. Includes push-fit connections that ensure a weatherproof and secure attachment. The installation can be installed easily & quickly.


The installation is also robust, the wind resistance is 4 times higher than that of the competing products. The system is universal and works with slate and tiles.

The Viridian Solar Clearline All Black 300wp for roof integration are available in different powers and styles


Artikelnummer PV16-300W
Marke Viridian Solar
Hersteller Viridian Solar
Herstellungsland Vereinigtes Königreich
HS-Code 85414090
Leistung (Wp) 300
Zellwerkstoff komplett schwarz
Anzahl der Zellen 60
Gewicht (kg) 21
Farbe des Rahmens schwarz
Rückseitenfolie schwarz
Stecker MC4
Glas mit Antireflex-Beschichtung ja
Länge (mm) 1.640
Breite (mm) 992
Höhe (mm) 60