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Panasonic HIT(R) Komplett Schwarz 335 W


Vollständig schwarzes Modul mit hohem Wirkungsgrad!

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The Panasonic HIT All-Black N335 (40mm frame) achieves a high efficiency of 20%. The new heterojunction technology, HIT+, also offers high performance at high temperatures. Like all other Panasonic products, these solar panels are tested extensively, both internally and by third parties. In addition to the sleek black design, the housing contains a unique water drainage system. The panel is also compliant with the RoHS directive.


Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer, or HIT, is a technique which combines several thin layers. This instead of a single layer. It results in less power loss and therefore higher efficiency. The plus indicates an improvement in the production process compared to what it used to be. Improved production methods minimize impurities, leading to an excellent yield.


All Panasonic products undergo various tests. These tests are carried out internally as well as by third parties. The tests at Panasonic are even more extensive than required by the IEC. These include thermal cycle tests, where the solar modules are put through extreme and quick temperature changes.

Water drainage system

The black frame has an integrated water drainage system. This ensures that rain and for example melting snow can drain away more easily. As a result, there are less water stains and dirt, meaning more sunlight reaches the panel.

RoHS Directive

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive limits the use of hazardous materials in production processes. Solar panels are not directly covered by this directive, but Panasonic ensures that its panels also comply with this directive.


Artikelnummer VBHN335KJ01
Marke Panasonic
Hersteller Panasonic
Herstellungsland Japan
Anzahl pro Palette 48 Stück
Garantie in Jahren 25
HS-Code 85414090
Leistung (Wp) 335
Zellwerkstoff komplett schwarz
Anzahl der Zellen 96
Gewicht (kg) 19
Farbe des Rahmens schwarz
Anzahl der Bypassdioden 4
Kabellänge (mm) 1020
Glas mit Antireflex-Beschichtung Ja
Länge (mm) 1590
Breite (mm) 1053
Höhe (mm) 40