Trina Honey Mono PERC 320 W – Komplett Schwarz (Halb-Zellen)


190 watts per m², 120 cells, 19% efficiency

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When buying a full pallet of Trina Honey Mono PERC 320 W – All Black (Half-Cut) solar modules you will get an extra discount.

An all-black solar module, the Trina Honey Black M All-Black 320Wp 120 cell solar module has been developed with an eye on a beautiful design. The full-black panel generates an output of 320Wp, 120 cells and has the most modern technologies which guarantees higher energy outputs. An aesthetic, powerful and reliable solar module for a commercial or residential PV system.

Full-black solar module

This all-black solar module is equipped with black multi-busbar cells, a black backsheet and a matte black frame. During development, the multi-busbar cells are accurately and controlled machined to a deep black colour. Even the thinnest wires on the panel appear completely black at a distance.

120 cell

The Trina Honey Black M All-Black 320Wp 120 cell generates 325 Watt peak and has a high efficiency of 19%. The solar module features 6 x 20 half-cut cells and multi-busbar technology. Half-cut cells provide less resistance and thus higher energy capacity. Multi-busbar technology benefits the reflection of the panel, which also guarantees a higher generated power.

Commercial & residential

Trina Solar modules are guaranteed to withstand potentially-induced performance degradation. Also called potential-induced degradation (PID). PID can lead to a power loss of up to 30.0%.

Trina Honey Black M All-Black 320Wp 120 cell solar module is resistant to salt, acid and ammonia. It can withstand a pressure of 5400 Pa at the front and 2400 Pa at the back. The junction box is also highly resistant to dust and rain, with an IP68 degree of protection.

Excellent anti-shading performance and low operating temperatures make this module an attractive sight for any commercial and residential PV installation.


Artikelnummer TSM-320 DD06M.05 (II)
Marke Trina Solar
Hersteller Trina Solar
Herstellungsland China
Anzahl pro Palette 31 Stück
Garantie in Jahren 15
HS-Code 85414090
Leistung (Wp) 320
Zellwerkstoff komplett schwarz
Anzahl der Zellen 120
Gewicht (kg) 18
Farbe des Rahmens schwarz
Rückseitenfolie schwarz
Stecker TS4
Kabellänge (mm) 1.200
Glas mit Antireflex-Beschichtung ja
Länge (mm) 1.690
Breite (mm) 996
Höhe (mm) 35